Published On: Tue, Aug 2nd, 2016

Will the Real Republicans Please Stand-up and Be Counted?

As I have stated before, I pride myself in being a lifelong republican.  I took pride in wearing the uniform of the United States Navy for 8 years.  My children were born in a military hospital and all of us have benefitted from what this “great” country has afforded us.

Don is not a Republican.  He is not a conservative.  Well not by my definition or as defined by the likes of George Will.  Anyone who professes he is, is as big a liar as Trump (if only lying to themselves).  Look people…, the bashing of a Gold Star family is like the enth statement he has made to discredit our military and its members.  This veteran has a problem with that.  All veterans should have a problem.  No matter the ethnicity, or gender, or sexual preference of the person that served or is serving, for America’s sake, stand up and be counted!

His mentality, as is his followers is simple, if you are not for me, you are against me. Please click here to view image of lemmings!  Don supporters can be defined as just that.  I agree we are all entitled to an opinion, however those tend to be founded in actual facts.  NOT if you are a Don supporter, you can merely pull one of his pathological lies out of thin air and use it at will.

I am actually embarrassed to have Don supporters in my own family.  Lord knows I love family, but I also know that in order to be a Don supporter, you essentially have to either be a racist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, or anti-military.  None of those positions are politically correct in my house!

I have had family members tell me the POTUS took their food stamps.  Claim that welfare people should be tested for drugs because most are on drugs. Fact is if you research this yourself, you will see it costs states more money to test then what they lose on bad benefits.  They claim that if the POTUS was re-elected, he would behead my grandchildren.    I have even had family members use repulsive racial slurs at my home, where I correct them quickly and state emphatically, WE DO NOT TALK LIKE THAT HERE!

Each of our jobs is to point out the obvious lies, stand up for what is right and make a difference in the world.  To right a wrong is exactly what each of us need to do.  We need to turn to our brothers and sisters and elevate them.  We need to have our voices heard.

One military mom decides to stand at a rally and challenge Pence to rise to the occasion, to put our military men and women first, and say to Don ENOUGH.  The audience became hostile.  They booed a military mom?  What kind of American does that?  Who does that?  You are not a true American if you do that.  Yet, that is Trump’s America.  Anti-military folks are Trump’s people.  That is no way my America.  Nor is it John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison or George Washington’s America!

Those actions could result in our full voluntary force in service as well as the National Guard and reserves being compromised.  Why would any young American want to protect the likes of those that belittle them?  Do you deserve the freedoms and liberties of being politically incorrect aka rude to the mother of a service member?

What Don supporters fail to remember, and what makes their behavior an abomination of our society… of our America, is their inability to understand that men and women are laying their lives on the line for them right now.  How are they treated?  They are rewarded with denigration to their families and themselves.  This has not happened since Vietnam.

I won’t proclaim this is as violent as the 60’s and early 70’s, but if the rhetoric doesn’t die down soon, it could be worse.

We treated our Vietnam veterans so poorly when they came home, it is a stain on our flag that never will wash out.  I sit here and watch the 24-hour news cycle play every sixty minutes that mother being booed.  It reminds me that this is now a wash, rinse, repeat.

To blindly follow a man without being vetted merely because you hate the opposition is no longer a credible debate.  To say he is tougher on terrorism than she is, highlights the fact you have not heard one-word Don has stated on terrorism, because he has not laid out a policy nor will he.  Not to mention, he has absolutely no experience dealing with terrorism.   So how on earth can he be ‘tougher’ on terrorism?   Then you venture to say how you want to make America great again?  Then why are you forcing this digression back to the 60’s?

I can appreciate those that the tech boom and the global market has left behind.  But let’s not be foolish and blame NAFTA for those loss of manufacturing jobs.  How many of those men and women were replaced by robotics?  Quite a few I suspect.  Can we say the majority of American’s benefit from a global economy?  More than likely.

It’s easy to not look in the mirror, as personal reflection is difficult.  But at the end of the day, don’t blame anyone but yourself for your shortcomings.  Did you do all you could to get ahead?  My father worked 3 jobs for close to 30 years to raise a family of six.  Did you attend college or vocational programs to enhance your knowledge and broaden your skills?  My father did until he retired.  Folks my father is 77 years young.

Did you try and re-invent yourself…in other words dare to dream of you being bigger than what you are now?  Did you dream of leading not following?  Perhaps you could have led the way with that idea you had…you know the one…the one you jotted down on paper, thought about it…. shared it with a couple of your friends or family…but you NEVER moved on it.  You know the idea I speak of, because someone came out with it years after you invented it mentally. It angered you and made you say to yourself, some insulting comment that only degraded you for not getting off your ass.

We sit and whine about those that are takers in our society.  Well here is my take on the takers…The ones that are whining are the ones that are taking.  Get off your ass people, free your minds people, support our troops people, open your hearts people, respect yourself, chase that dream…and for God sake, for Pete Sake, for All our sake… If you never wore the uniform, if you never had the black sedan in your driveway, don’t ever boo a Gold Star Family or a Military wife, mom, or child.  They are what protects you from those that you fear most.

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