Published On: Thu, Jul 7th, 2016

We the People, Are Angry

With the recent release of the Chilcot report, we are once again reminded of what our government did to us.  The shroud of secrecy and back door meetings that had to occur to create such an illustrious lie for Americans to buy into a war in Iraq is remarkable.  To be reminded again that our military men and women were used as sacrificial lambs to the benefit of unapologetic narcissist like Cheney and companies like Halliburton, makes us all fall back into our chairs with disbelief.  How and why did we believe them?

Before we look at that point, let’s fast forward to today.  Today’s America is both angry and divided.  Our choices for the highest office in the land are pathological liars.  The Republican party looks much like the vomit of someone who consumed confetti cake, fruit cocktail, chocolate milk and a pizza with everything!  When a liberal can hijack the party and call himself a Republican, while the “real” Republicans are voting for the “lesser of two evils” candidate and admit to it; what does this say about us as a people?

Do you think these politicians living in their bubble understand our anger?  I don’t. I really think they just keep tossing turds to the wall, wait to see what sticks, then keep going.  Day in and day out…wash, rinse, repeat.  While our America is angry, and not getting better.  My America is sick, and there is no doctor in sight.  Our America needs a hero, not another zero like Bush/Cheney (admittedly voted for them twice, as I hang my head in shame).

A man is killed at the hands of police officers in New York City.  Those that are sworn to “protect and serve”, served no one that day as we watched time and time again the video of a man being thrown to the ground by officers, saying “I can’t breathe!”.  He said it more than once but his words fell on deaf ears.  His life meant nothing to public officials.  He too was a sacrificial lamb.  A boy, a darling child playing at the park.  One minute making a snowball and tossing it into the air dreaming of what young boys dream of, gunned down by police officers.  A child, ripped from his family to provide another sacrifice to the powers that be.

We are tired of this police state mentality, both foreign and domestic.  We have seen to many of our children die in wars we shouldn’t be in or in the communities that have become a war zone.  Parents need more than this to excite their children about the so called prosperity of this nation.  I think a parent shouldn’t have to worry that her teenage boy was wearing a hoodie to go to the 7-11.  Citizens keep giving and America’s politicians and government (federal, state and local) keep taking.

So we are angry.  That’s how you end up with a Bernie and a Donny, with a Hillary kicker.  You (referring to our political talking heads) have killed our children, delivered to us an economic tsunami; where we lost our jobs, our homes, our sense of self, our pride… our dignity. You have destroyed our American spirit!  Yet you want more.  What? We haven’t given you enough?

Hell yes we are angry.  Through the dark tinted glasses that Donny wears, he blames immigration, Muslims, Hispanics and seemingly every other segment of the population that isn’t “white male”.  He promotes hatred of our neighbor.  He hates himself so it is easy to stoke the fires and bring out the worst in all of us.  He has white supremacist excited that they finally have a candidate.  Just ask David Duke. He wants to make America great again.  Ha!  He wants to give his billionaire friends tax cuts and keep our children sacrifices for his agenda.  I don’t think we are prepared to take the lemming plunge again, or are we?

Feeling the Bern?  Hell yea!  You lost it all, and here he is wanting to give it all back to you for free! Look, I wish we could all have our lost children back, our jobs back, our 401ks back, our houses back, but at the end of the day what Bernie pushes is not the answer to what pains us either.  It’s a Band-Aid on a sliced wrist.  Americans do feel a sense of “they owe me” after bailing out Wall Street and defecating on Main Street.  They are pissed and rightfully so.  Politicians keep taking, and taking from the weakest of its citizens and have the audacity to say vote for me because I know your pissed?  We just aren’t that stupid, or are we?

I could sit here and go through a barrage of Hillary crap including the email server fiasco, but why bother?  From where I sit, I would be hard pressed to find a man I dislike more than Bill Clinton…until I see Donny on TV.  Then I am reminded they are all the same.  The proverbial bubble they reside in is toxic for me, my children, and my spirit.  It is lethal for my dreams, my aspirations, and sense of self.  See, I need a hero…I need a doctor that can mend my America.

I want someone, anyone in government to say to the American people, WE ARE SORRY. We apologize for sending your children to a war based on lies.  We are sorry we let jobs bleed out for months and months without doing shit.  We are sorry the housing bubble burst leaving you and your family the victim. Let me apologize for the loss of your 401k.  I am sorry we turned a deaf ear to your needs while we bailed out a “global economy”.  Can someone, anyone at all, please acknowledge the real pain Americans are feeling?

A generation of children gone.  Jobs that paid more, with benefits, gone.  Homes… gone.  Savings… gone.  All GONE, and you want me to vote for you because you feel my plight?  Apologize, then let’s talk.  Apologize and formulate a real plan of restoration, starting with those effected most by your bad behavior.  Apologize and stop scaring us; many have nothing to lose and feel they have lost it all already.  Apologize for making our police departments look like military brigades, instead of members of our community.  Apologize for those in your party that promote hate, bigotry, racism’s, xenophobia, and inequality.  Apologize for those that have made it a mission to destroy the American dream, by destroying the credibility of an American President.

Who knew this level of racism was still here in 21st Century America?  What percentage of Americans hate people of color?  What percentage of those ‘so called’ Americans are educated?  What percent of those that hate are even true Caucasian (the more humorous point)?  Who knew if you were not a Christian, you were no longer American?  Who thought we would ever have a man or woman running for POTUS with the support of the KKK while using images created by a supposed anti-Semitic group?

So, the next time the MSM asked how did this all happen?  Why the hell don’t they ask us.  Why don’t they ask us our deepest fears?  We are what America has forgotten… We are the other people.  We are the poor and the working class, which seems to continuously give until we have nothing left.

Do You Hear Me?

Will you hear me?

We… have nothing left.


***This article was written the morning before the last sacrifice.  #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile #TrayvonMartin #EricGarner #TamirRice

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