Published On: Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

VinCompass Corp. (OTC: VCPS) Sees Huge Potential as Virtual Sommelier

In recent quarters, VinCompass Corp. (OTC: VCPS) has been heavily investing in its VinCompass virtual sommelier platform, which will provide diners with a luxurious wine pairing experience. A common fear diners at higher end establishments have is that they will order the wrong wine to go with their food, or that they will appear foolish in placing their drink order. VinCompass is partnering with top notch restaurants and sommeliers to help build wine pairings for menu items. The app will allow users to track favorites and explore various new and exciting wine-tasting opportunities.

While the company’s recent investment has accounted for 70% of its expenses, the company has heard the concerns of shareholders and has upgraded their financial reporting and compliance systems, which will help get things up to par, as determined by prior audits.

With such tremendous investment in product development now in the rearview mirror, the company seems to be making great strides towards helping 92% of consumers conquer “fear of wine list”, and that means the company is moving towards commercialization.

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