Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2013

Reality Sets In – Oriens Faces Magnitude of the Financial Opportunity; Realizing They Go Big or Go Home

Up early in the morning; awakened by the natural sound of roosters and the waves breaking along the shore, I peered out on to the beach from my bed; I could see the surfers out adrift on the ocean, waiting patiently for the right wave to begin the day. You could see these big beautiful birds flying along the water-line looking for an early morning breakfast… see the natural environment alive with beauty; air crisp and clean. What a way to wake up to what should be a promising day for Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. Today, a glimpse of what their future could hold, if they play their cards right.

We gathered for breakfast and strolled down to a local breakfast eatery. With primarily outdoor seating, we were given the ‘best seat in the house,’ a large accommodating table where we were able to take in the morning’s sights from all angles.  ‘When in Rome…’  We ordered what seemed to be more traditional breakfast meals there – eggs with rice & beans, meat (ham, sausage, bacon), fruit juice, fresh fruit and Café con leche.

As we ate breakfast, aside from viewing a growing community of Jaco Beach bustling along in cars, cabs and bicycles – to and from – we were able to see Hundley Associates and Daystar Properties’ Costa Rican executive staff and employees hustling along to work [main office located roughly 100 yards from where we were sitting]. Full of energy and excitement for the day, each adorned with a big smile and warm welcome as they identified our group sitting at breakfast; coming by to check on us, to ensure all was going well. This was a great start to what would prove to be an exhilarating day for Oriens.

After breakfast and a brisk walk, we piled into a little DayStar Properties’ ‘buggy’ and began our tour toward the southern end of JacoBeach, where it all began for the Hundley/Daystar organizations – the La Paloma Blanca. “The White Dove,” as rumor had it, was Mr. Hundley’s attempt at retirement.   However, after spending time with members of the ‘inner circle’, we learned that Mr. Hundley’s arrival to Costa Rica was perhaps more purposeful than the notion or retirement.  It was for “life experience,” as Mr. Hundley puts it.

Originally a beautiful beach front house, The White Dove was simply to be where the Hundley family found solace and peace from a very successful career in U.S. real estate. Seeking time to reflect, Mr. Hundley anticipated that he and his family would remain in Costa Rica for the next two years before looking to take his career to the next level back home in Michigan.  However, once there, Mr. Hundley took a good look at Jaco Beach and immediately recognized it as a blank canvas… a canvas awaiting the right artiest to paint a masterpiece. After making an interesting discovery early on in his stay in Jaco, Hundley was compelled to quickly abandon the idea of a short hiatus; picking up his ‘paint brush’ and beginning to sketch what would emerge as the fastest growing destination spot the world sees today.

Starting with the Bahia Azul, (completed in 2007), Daystar Properties built the secluded 30 unit condo/hotel property which blends the comfort of exclusive private residences and services of a boutique hotel. Bahia Azul offers owners and renters luxurious living at a central beachfront location, with beach and pool views from multiple balconies and terraces. The property also includes penthouse units which display private rooftop terraces.

After the completion of Bahia Azul, Daystar turned its attention back to Mr. Hundley’s home, transforming the retirement home into the magnificent 36 unit beach front colonial designed two and three bedroom condo/hotel that graces the beach today – La Paloma Blanca.

As the inner details of the Hundley/Daystar operations were revealed, the group continued driving north along the beach. We stopped at each of the properties to see and touch the buildings with our own eyes and hands. Each property had a ‘back-story’ which contributed to the purpose and reason for it being borne into the grand design of Mr. Hundley’s vision. Close to 200 units of prime beach front condo/hotel properties were observed and that was just a review of what is already built.

Our assembly of executives, consultants and investors made their way to the location of future developments for the Hundley/Daystar organizations. This is where it became very interesting for Oriens…, where Oriens was granted a “glimpse” of what their future may possibly entail.

We had the opportunity to peer into a crystal ball and see how Hundley Associates and Daystar Properties will be proceeding forward operationally. We also had the opportunity to view plots of land totaling over 150 acres of mountain and inland area, that will have been earmarked for some pretty spectacular real estate developments. Then, we gazed into Oriens future – the basis of the proposed venture – an opportunity that could potentially alter the entire Oriens’ enterprise. A venture, that if completed, could positively affect the public company’s asset value, laying revenues to the balance sheet; founding and substantiating a true value per share and almost instantly expanding the company’s business model, while strengthening both management and the board.

What has been developed over the past six months and seriously contemplated during this trip has an approximate value of $30 Million for Oriens, if not more.  The proposed venture also provides a basis for two fundamental financing’s, which could potentially deliver to the company in excess of $15 Million in capital infusions within the next 180 days. Discussions with those investment professionals present suggest the proposed venture in its entirety, could spur possible capital infusions, to total as much as $35 Million.  However, most important [or seemingly so], Oriens’ FROL System, (Friendly Reservations Online), could be positioned as the predominate internet marketing and online reservation booking engine for JacoBeach; potentially the western region of the country.  This of course, giving Oriens’ the legs to spin-out its FROL system and/or possibly stand on an acquisition platform as once did,, TravelJigsaw, Active Hotels, Kayak,,,, etc.

As we rounded out the afternoon at a fresh fruit smoothie stand [incredible!], the magnitude of what this venture meant to Oriens became more evident to the business development and investment consulting teams who had partaken in this trip.   Wide eyed and excited to get back to the condo/hotel to further strategize before a final meeting with the “rain maker”, [as some within his circle refer] Mr. Hundley, the team scoffed down the delicious and healthy fresh fruit beverages while speaking with Hundley Associates and Daystar Properties’ counsels and property managers.  All participants at the table now clearly understood, this is the “Window of Opportunity” for Oriens and it is not a very big space in time.  So, Oriens had better step it up, or get left behind.

With that as the primary thought for Oriens’ executives and consulting team, back to the Flats they go.   Me…. well, I’m hoping to go watch Hundley’s soccer team [Jaco Rays] practice.   Hey, don’t judge,  we do not often get to say we know the owner of a professional ball club nor have the privilege of getting to see them practice. Besides, the bosses back at the OTC News Magazine Okayed the excursion, so it’s all good!


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