Published On: Wed, Mar 9th, 2016

ProActive Pet Products, Inc. (OTC: PPPI) Joins Advanced Nutrition, Inc. in Exciting Joint Venture

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Today, ProActive Pet Products, Inc. (OTC: PPPI) announced they established a joint venture with Advanced Nutrition, a nutraceutical supplement company. The companies believe they will be able to leverage each other’s strengths and existing sales channels to lead to expanded revenue, higher profit margins, and increased brand awareness for both parties. The companies will work to deliver an exciting new line of products in the realm of enhanced vitamin and emergency medicine products for pets, which is consistent with the aims of ProActive Pet’s existing branding.

As the company works to create new relationships with ‘Mom & Pop’, regional and national, and e-commerce based pet shops, they intend to leverage their new partnership to create even better products for pets. By using Advanced Nutrition’s advanced knowledge of nutritional supplements and physiology, the company will be able to create more effective products while at the same time capitalizing on existing relationships with suppliers to keep costs down. Both companies see this as an opportunity to win and improve their bottom lines.

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To learn more about Advanced Nutrition and their extensive product line, view their website here:

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