Published On: Tue, Jul 23rd, 2013


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FUMBLEFirst Major Televised Event Results In Large Audiences & Hard Lessons Learned


On Friday July 19, 2013, the OTC Market Channel (OTCMC) premiered its first major event for a public micro-cap company.   The event?  A major announcement from a developing company that had proven all things are possible… even as a Pink Sheet company.

Over the past weeks, there has been lots of noise around the television channel – promised to be the CNBC of the micro-cap markets.    Maybe it will… maybe it will not… only time will tell.   As for now, if you were watching last week Friday afternoon, then you know like many others, OTCMC still has something left to be desired.

The event (Hollund Industrial Marine’s “State of the Company Address”), which was set to start at approximately 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time, seemed to have experienced some major difficulty.   A 24 hour daily, uninterrupted continuous stream of micro-cap related television content, began to lose its clarity just about one hour before the public company’s announcement.   Then, the sound began to go; becoming more distorted as the minutes ticked away.  By the time Hollund was set to air its major announcement – an announcement many were interested in witnessing – OTC Market Channel’s screen froze completely!

This left viewers confused, disappointed and yes…, even angry.

This micro-cap company spent a great deal of time in making sure they could deliver a very important message to the masses.  They trusted the OTC Market Channel, who in turn fumbled!

FUMBLED!!!  Come ‘on Man!  Really??

OpenVision Networks (OpenVision or OVN) – online television technology solutions provider – the platform, from which the OTC Market Channel runs on, indicated that both the OTCMC and OpenVision Networks performed a number of stress tests.  However, OpenVision’s platform was overwhelmed with traffic that they in no way could fathom would stem from the OTCMC’s first major micro-cap company event.   Apparently, the OTCMC site alone received 7x’s more traffic than expected.   Direct downloads of the Openvision App to watch channel 24 (OTCMC) was also higher than expected.

OTC News Magazine reached out to both the platform and channel representatives to get their response to the situation.

“The launch of the OTC Market Channel was our opportunity to unveil the OpenVision platform to this genre of viewer,” said a spokesperson for OpenVision Networks. “The OTC Market Channel launch resulted in a significant number of users simultaneously tuning in.” 

A representative of the OTC Market Channel stated, “We experienced nothing short of a revelation.  The sheer magnitude of the micro-cap population, seemingly all converging to experience one moment in time, for just one microcap company that trades on the OTC, evidences the micro-cap community’s insatiable thirst for this type of televised content.”

OpenVision continued, “While we were disappointed in the technical glitches experienced by the overwhelming numbers of users to this channel, we also felt this experience validated the OTC Market Channel as well as the OpenVision platform itself.  Our OpenVision techs can now go back, find the holes, fix the glitches and be ready for the next micro-cap company who seeks to responsibly leverage the OTC Market Channel to deliver its televised message to the micro-cap universe.  This is a GOOD thing!”

Hmmm… Ok.   Blah, Blah, Blah.  So, in other words, it was a Bandwidth issue?

Listen.   Despite the technical glitches, many who watched the OTC Market Channel at the site or through the OpenVision App download, still consider the technology and concept to be great.  But in this day and age, no one gives a hoot about ‘bandwidth issues!’

Welcome to the big time guys!  Get it together.  That was one public micro-cap company with just 40 minutes of content.  What happens when a wider range of investors flock to OpenVision’s channel 24 (OTC Market Channel) to view what the micro-cap markets have been missing?

Guess what OpenVision… OTC Market Channel…  Be ready to have at least 100 times the viewers you expect, because micro-cap investors are hungry for real and legitimate transparency.   Remember, “This is the OTC Market Channel – First in Micro-cap News, Only on OpenVision.”   You said it, not us.

YOU have a large audience in micro-cap investors and rest assured, We Are Coming OTC Market Channel.   We Are Coming!

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