Published On: Mon, May 30th, 2016

No Room for Trump in Small Town America Memorial Day Parade

DSCN1304In the same ‘red county’ I was raised in, I attended a hometown Memorial Day Parade today.  I always joke about how here Lapeer, they still drink PBR, drive JD’s to the pub and almost always vote Republican.  Though cable news is compelled to tell you how this race is going 24/7 based on any certain poll, let me tell you what I have seen.

Small town America – at least here in my small town – this Memorial Day sounds like an anti-Trump rally as speakers gave experiential commentary on why America is already Great and what true Americans are willing to sacrifice to keep it that way.  What you also heard from these uniformed veterans, was gratitude and thanks.  Gratitude for living in the finest country in the world, and thanks for having the opportunity to have served beside their brothers and sisters, who gave their lives, to secure those liberties and freedoms that allow millions of Americans the ability to attend yet another Memorial Day celebration in small town America.

One after another, they spoke of the liberties we enjoy today including freedom of the press, the right toDSCN1305 bear arms, etc.  I heard with repetition how blessed we all are to live in these United States of America.  How day in and out our military men and women lay down their lives so that we can have the very liberties so many take for granted.

With elation, one after another declared our military the greatest in the world; second to none, bravely willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for you and I.  One speaker encouraged the audience to visit a National Cemetery.  Encouraging everyone to take the time to read the headstones or markers.

Every religion is represented there, no matter the faith.  You don’t have to agree with their beliefs, only the fact that men and women of every creed was willing to die so that you and I may have the liberty and freedom to choose our own religion.  Every nationality is represented there.  Hispanic, Latin Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans, Arab Americans, Jewish Americans and many more diverse Americans lay to rest here, and it doesn’t matter if you like their ‘race’ because in the end, just like you, they were Americans – willing to die for our liberty and freedom.

DSCN1276When the men and women of our armed forces gave their lives for this great nation, no one gave them a litmus test to see what their faith was, where they were from or the color of their skin.  None of that mattered when it came to protecting and serving because they were all Americans.  Someone needs to remind our political hacks that this is and will always be the greatest country on earth, a gift from those that have sacrificed their lives to ensure that it would be that way for all Americans.

Is America perfect?  No, but we have the ability to be as close to perfect as any nation can be.  Politicians did not earn the right to stand on podiums to complain about America.  That’s what I was reminded of today.  That right is at rest with our fallen soldiers; giving to politicians only the responsibility to ensure that each and every Memorial Day is not in vain.

Honor, Courage and Commitment!


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