Published On: Mon, Oct 7th, 2013

No Bull, No Hype… Ken Chua of OTHM Communicates with Investors; Then Delivers

Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. (OTC: OTHM), Operator of HotelPure, issued an important message on Thursday, October 3rd, directly from the CEO.

Ken Chua’s Shareholder’s address ( strikes a positive cord, speaking to specific issues surrounding the Company’s progress, in a real and no-nonsense way.

After reading the address, the statement that seems to stick out most is, “It goes without saying, being a non-reporting, sub-penny, pink sheet stock doesn’t come without its share of difficulties – but for the past 7 years, we have continued to manage through.” That is one of the most real and sincere things a micro-cap company CEO may have said in years.  Let’s be real, Oriens is the true definition of a sub-penny stock, trading at $0.0012 a share, that’s just over ONE THOUSANDTH of a cent!

But why did Oriens win shareholders back with this announcement?

It’s one thing when every sub-penny company says that they are increasing their fabled ‘transparency’, and simply stop there. It’s another thing when a company says they are going to do something, and they actively begin to do it; the very next day.

In this shareholder address, Mr. Chua, said the company was going to complete their quarterly filings within days, and sure enough, they did. We saw OTHM with a stop-sign when the announcement came out, now they’re sitting with a yield, as Chua indicated. He continued on to say that they also “anticipate completing the ‘Long Form’ under the OTC Markets, and file our 3rd Qt with the intentions of becoming a “Current Status” pink sheet company.” Anyone in pinksheet land knows…, when a company ascends from a stop sign to limited information; there is generally a nice jump in stock price. And when a company climbs again from a limited to a current status, there is generally further appreciation in stock price.

Oriens continues speaking about their auditing process, tentatively beginning in the next 3 months. Although they didn’t mention anything yet, generally when a company gets an audit completed, it’s for an up listing to an even higher exchange. Could Oriens be heading to the Bulletin Boards, or even NASDAQ?? Only time will tell…

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