Published On: Tue, Mar 21st, 2017

Net Savings Link Inc (OTCMKTS:NSAV) Turns Down The Reverse Split Move Of Its Shares

Net Savings Link Inc (OTCMKTS:NSAV) has made an announcement today which is sure to answer any of the questions that were raising concerns among its shareholders. It should be known by the various investors that the claims over the company reverse splitting its shares were all baseless.

The current management took over its roles in February 2016 and NSAV has been quick to impose a strategy that will see it build a company from the ground up and at the same time concurs that reverse stock splits are not good for the shareholders. In fact they are quite detrimental.

NSAV has also moved forward to make an announcement regarding the status of a planned 8-K filing. The attorneys of the company have clearly stipulated that the main goal of the 8-K filing is to facilitate the reporting of the material events such as stock splits, acquisitions as well as the rest of the related activities.

The fact that NSAV is currently under new management is a sure guarantee of good things to come. It is at the moment getting into the booming medical marijuana industry and promises to provide its shareholders with the latest updates.

The president of NSAV of James Tilton has shown his excitement over the company’s decision to turn down the reverse split. He hopes that the company has made enough in terms of efforts to keep the minds of all its shareholders at ease.

 James boasts of more than 22 years in the public markets and it is more convincing watching him declare that he has never seen a reverse spilt benefit any shareholder and that is why he has always been against the move.

It comes as good news to all the shareholders after James Tilton said that the company is now more than ever before dedicated to ensuring it carries out activities as well as takes corporate actions that target benefiting all NSAV shareholders.

NSAV is at the moment carrying out updates of its profile page on the OTC Markets website and may soon be making postings of its outstanding shares. It is not at the moment issuing new shares.

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