Published On: Tue, Dec 20th, 2016

Music of Your Life Inc (OTCMKTS:MYLI) To Stream Live Concerts

Music of Your Life Inc (OTCMKTS:MYLI) reported that it is getting Los Angeles region concerts to its listeners via its live video streaming service. Through its association with Craig Lambert, the company will commence streaming live concert events, as part of the firm’s growing monthly subscription service, to its mobile devices and desktop subscribers’.

The concerts will be transmitted live from the Los Angeles region venues, held by Sterling Venue Ventures, The Saban, The Rose, The Libbey, and The Canyon, showcasing a variety of singers and bands such as STYX, George Benson, America, Leon Russell, Neil Sedaka, and Berlin among others.

The highlights

Additional coverage, which will be transmitted live, comprises back stage access after and before the shows, and other private events. Music of Your Life said that the content is going to be archived and will be accessible for viewing at any time via the firm’s new site presently under development as part of its growing and exclusive library of content.

A big part of the entertainers that the company will be diffusion from the sites have millions of fans across their social media channels. Also, they are motivated to enhance market awareness, and work to build on social media platforms, which is making Music of Your Life anticipating a high conversion rate.

The firm intends to commercialize new commercial free service utilizing its countrywide terrestrial broadcast network. It will target the celebrity show hosts and fans, along with the live event performers via social media. Projected prices for the commercial free service are set at $5 monthly for basic service, however the premium rates, comprising the live concerts, is specified at $10 per month.

Marc Angell, the CEO of Music of Your Life, said that they would be able to offer a unique experience to their listeners with a many artists performing at these venues. Recent advancements in technology will enable them to stream concerts to numerous devices and across social media at the same time for incredible exposure.

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