Published On: Fri, Dec 16th, 2016

Mediatechnics Corporation (OTCMKTS:MEDT) Report Additions To Its Advisory Board

Mediatechnics Corporation (OTCMKTS:MEDT)’s BlazeNow, the new technology and app that enables consumers to locate doctors, head shops, delivery services and dispensaries reported additions to its advisory board. Joining this board will be author and television personality, Montel Williams and ex NFL player Marvin Washington.

The highlights

Emmy-Award-winning ex TV host Williams is one of the country’s highest profile supporters for medical marijuana. Ever since he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999, Williams has taken cannabis to cure the disease’s debilitating indications. He credits cannabis along with a strict exercise regime and healthy diet, permitting him to continue his demanding schedule as an author, TV contributor and entrepreneur.

During his 11 seasons in the NFL, Washington was with the 49ers. He is an outspoken supporter for providing professional athletes right to use to medicinal cannabis. If it can assist the players, he said that he is all for it.

BlazeNow Inc is a subsidiary unit of Mediatechnics. It serves as a data-driven and advertising technology firm. The BlazeNow™ app accessible to cannabis business owners and consumers makes it easy for patients and consumers to locate dispensaries, cannabis delivery services and doctors. The app serves as an ad tool for small business owners and cannabis brands, who release up-to-date information on their firms directly to the app.

BlazeNow is set to become a leader in the course cannabis connoisseurs obtain delivery services, dispensaries, doctors and head shops. The company has launched its BlazeNow™ app for use by consumers and cannabis business owners. This app allows business owners to offer accurate and up to date data to clients and offers a much required advertising platform for small businesses, and upcoming cannabis brands.

Jeremy Carr, the CEO of Mediatechnics, reported that the consumer and product data that they collect through their platform is valuable to investors, advertisers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and more. By providing a premium customer service and quality product at an affordable price, they are positioned to be an important part of this developing industry.

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