Published On: Fri, Nov 18th, 2016

Long Beard Breweries Inc (OTCMKTS:GVSI) Launches Label Designs For New Products

Long Beard Breweries Inc (OTCMKTS:GVSI) reported that the firm’s subsidiary has launched its label designs for the firm’s latest line of craft beers. The company has got a new design for its two craft beers, one of which is a “Belgian Brombeere Weizent.” It is a style ale formulated with fresh local blackberries that is extremely cloudy and pale because of being unfiltered.

The other style is for “Fuzzy Poms”, which is a dark oatmeal milk stout formulated with fresh local peaches. These were caramelized and baked providing it an intense flavor and subtle vanilla aromas. Both offerings show the firm’s readiness to drive the limits of creativity, developing something very innovative and true to the brand. These designs can be found on the firm’s website. These labels mark the first of many designs to be launched. Long beard is just commencing to introduce product that will thrill beer enthusiasts everywhere.

The management view

Paul Carlin, the CEO said, that they are very thrilled about launching the label designs because they want them to find that Long Beard is not just another micro-brewery. They have many creative ideas and they intend to push the envelope and fuel the senses with exceptionally tasty brews. The firm has taken a part of debt off the books and expects to launch updated financials soon. Although eliminating debt from the books involves some increase in the OS, the company has tried to negotiate to eliminate this debt with the minimum dilution possible.

It will help in clean up and put the firm in a better position going forward. The firm is also preparing to submit for a name change to Long Beard Breweries, Inc from old name of Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. The firm did submit an earlier application, which was repudiated due to a small point, which the firm feels was a misunderstanding on FINRA’s part.

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