Published On: Thu, Nov 7th, 2013


The OTC Market Is Down, While the World’s Market Place

Keeps You Clueless

As we sit here and watch CNBC reporters chat it up, if there ever was an explicit truth told, it is today, as the entire OTC trading exchange is down and not a peep from the world’s most prominent financial news show.  CNBC is running specials on the ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ for goodness sake…  But they cannot take out a moment to discuss the current debacle on the OTC exchange?

The entire financial system is screaming, “YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT!”   Perhaps this is why the regulatory constraints on how OTC Market companies can raise capital are tighter than a noose but the loop holes for toxic and illegitimate financings are the size of the Grand Canyon.


Perhaps this is why message boards are allowed to viciously bash companies, ultimately for financial gain, while so call IR firms get paid to push people into a stock they themselves know nothing about.


Perhaps it’s why the majority of Broker/Dealers do not take penny stock certificates any longer.  Not to mention that discount brokers in no way make trading penny stocks a walk in the park.


Perhaps this is why Market Makers have such latitude with how they manipulate stocks – shhhh, did we say that??


Perhaps it’s why CEO’s tend to look at their public company as a personal piggy bank vs. a real legacy building opportunity.

What about investors?

Most of us Micro-Cap investing fools don’t even know if we are going or coming; unfortunately playing the low cost sub-penny to penny priced stocks as a semi-pro half baked Lotto Ticket alternative. $1 Dollar and a dream, I tell ya!  Then they have the nerve to complain when something goes wrong; usually joining the bandwagon of antics perpetuated by nonsensical and even criminal (at times) board moderators.  None [the leader nor follower] legitimately knowing much about anything as to Securities Law, changing regulations nor the real inner workings of the penny market realm.

Let’s say it again, “YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT!”

This is what the Financial Markets are screaming as “BREAKING NEWS” continues to stream across the screen of CNBC with discussions on Twitter.

What about us?

What about the Micro-Cap Markets?

What about those stocks under $300 Million Dollar capitalizations trading OTC (which include the Pink Sheets)?

What about us?



You are just too insignificant for the rest of the world to even care to notice that your entire market is down; your investments arguably at risk; your daily life and routine possibly turned upside down.

Sorry little guy… you are just too insignificant!


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