Published On: Wed, Aug 3rd, 2016

Humbling a Hillary

The choice of Madame Secretary HRC to do a guest appearance on Fox News and lie yet again on the email scandal, is MIND BLOWING!  Does she not realize she was given an opportunity to finally put the issue to bed, instead she opted to keep it up and running. And it will until election day, if she doesn’t come clean.

What the hell is wrong with her and Don?  Both sabotage themselves with stupidity.  It takes a special kind of knucklehead to run your mouth in such a way, that most of us think you must be talking to yourself, because your damn sure not talking to me!  Some people do watch the news cycle, read papers, magazines, online periodicals, in other words, some people actually do their due diligence.  We have to, if your selling and we are buying the onus is on us.

Now that the formalities are over, Madame Secretary you obviously need an additional advisor so here I am.  First, embrace your mistakes.  Own them…man up…it’s humbling not only to you but to each American that is faced with voting for what they perceive is the Gas Chamber or the Electric Chair!  Neither of which is at all appealing if you hadn’t thought about it.

There so many disenfranchised voters in America, wouldn’t it be something to feel compelled to vote for someone based on their character, not the lesser of two evils?  You have that within your power right now.

Do that interview again, offer clarity.  Tell us YOU are sorry.  Talk about the 3 emails, and whether you initiated them, or merely responded.  Talk about the “numerous” devices.  Offer complete disclosure, then close the book.

As Don needs to stand up, so do you.  No longer can we tolerate divisive politics.  By your lack of transparency, you gift to the Donald, an actual chance to not only destroy completely the Republican party, but also the United States of America, every treaty, every trade deal, and the faith the world has in us, the “shining city upon the hill”.

“It’s 7 am” Madame Secretary, show us the way.  If not your as much to blame for the discourse as Don and his lemmings.  Americans are finding independence in saying they are an Independent.  If you want the vote, you still have to earn it.

I humbly suggest you, humble yourself.

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