Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2017

Geek Speak Week 4

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Welcome back to another Geek Speak, another week. Quite a bit of news this week, so let’s just jump straight into it.

For fans of the 2D, sci-fi, Minecraftesque game, Starbound, there was an interesting announcement this week. Chucklefish (the game’s developer), has announced their plans to make the space travel in the game a fluid experience, allowing exploration rather than the cutscene it currently is as well as making the solar-system’s non-static. The implications are countless, so if you are a longtime backer of the game or think it might be interesting to you, why not give it a try and see if you enjoy it.

Those looking forward to the physical release of Halo Wars 2, an RTS in the Halo universe, there was disappointing news if you live in North America. Despite the developer’s original agreement with Microsoft, the Standard and Ultimate physical editions of the game will not be sold in North America. This news comes strangely late, as the game releases on the 21st of February. And although no reason was given for the sudden cancellation, the game will still be available through digital storefronts.

In the tech and internet world, the FCC Commissioner made a statement that has sparked some slight uproar. He made very clear that he doesn’t care about expanding 1Gbps broadband infrastructure, saying that “…ultra-fast residential service is a novelty…” Other strange statements he gave also show a lack of full understanding of the tech market; comparing a 4K tv in market capability to interplanetary teleportation. “…the report notes that 4K TV requires 25Mbps. But 4K TV is still relatively new and is not expected to be widely adopted for years to come, …Some people, for example, believe, probably incorrectly, that we are on the path to interplanetary teleportation. Should we include the estimated bandwidth for that as well?”

Paradox Interactive also made some wakes of its own for better, more silly reasons. This year they are holding a public PDXCON on May 13th-14th in Stockholm, Sweden. And to increase hype for this event they released a rather… interesting trailer this week. Take a look for yourself, as words fail to describe it in full.

At the FFXIV Frankfurt Fanfest this recent weekend, there were several surprise announcements for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. The expansion was originally shown to be held in Ala Mhigo on the continent of Eorzea and have Red Mage as a job in the previous Fanfest in Tokyo, but this weekend they revealed that was only half of the expansion, in a surprise twist they showed an extended version of the trailer, showing a whole new continent for the games map, a new Samurai job, and several new zones. This was shocking news to many fans, who believed the new area would be saved for a later expansion. To top that off art, music, and other fun events were held throughout the weekend. For those wishing to watch it themselves the videos are archived and available via the following link:


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