Published On: Mon, Apr 10th, 2017

Geek Speak Week 10

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After a break for a move, we are back with yet another week of tech and games in this week of Geek Speak. Let’s begin, shall we?

First spot this week, Stellaris’ DLC Utopia came out this week. With a massive overhaul to the way one can customize their stellar empire to the new faction and traditions system, it promises hours more of unique and interesting gameplay set in the stars. One of the primary features of the DLC, is Mega-Structures. Massive constructs that take a myriad of time, manpower, and resources to make, that will have a profound effect on your empire if you can finish them.

Another Paradox game had news this week, as a pre-order trailer was released for the WWII game Steel Division: Normandy 44 showing off the games features as well as announcing its release date of May 23rd. It promises to attempt to take a different take on RTS gaming, focusing on assembled battlegroups.

Also this week Alex Hutchinson, veteran dev and director for Far Cry 4, left Ubisoft to start his own studio called Typhoon Studios. In a joking comment, Alex made it clear that the studio will first need to get its feet off the ground hiring, building, and setting up before any titles will likely to be seen from it. But there is hope that we will see something stunning from this studio in the years to come.

In Warhammer news, Man O’ War: Corsair, the nautical game based on Warhammer fantasy is moving from early access to 1.0 release on April 19th. And while that will be the official release of the game, that is not the planned end of development. The studio, EvilTwin, plans to continue to work on and improve the game with more campaigns and the like as time passes.

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