Published On: Wed, Mar 1st, 2017

G-Pel International Inc (OTCMKTS:KGET) In Talks With Cannabis Edibles Firm In Edibles

G-Pel International Inc (OTCMKTS:KGET) a firm active in the California Medicinal Cannabis segment, which trades under Kleangas Energy Technologies, Inc. has entered into deal talks with a California based medicinal cannabis edibles firm. The main objective in the cannabis industry is to become a trusted name in the market that is synonymous with accurate and quality dosing.

The buzz

Bo Linton, the President and CEO of G-Pel, stated that see the cannabis industry future being similar to the pharma, health supplements and vitamin industry. Cultivating cannabis in a farm mainly has financial benefits at present, but when public buy M&Ms, Protein powder or Advil, they pay heed to brand names that show confidence.

People desires an offering that works and achieves what is said on the label. Linton continued that in all their acquisition targets, this firm included, it is their main objective to be included in the quality control which indicates having precise measures in products so the client has consistent and predictable medical effects from the offering. They will put their brand on the packaging, just like plenda or Intelâ has on their offerings. It takes long time to develop a brand, but once it is achieved, it is lasting.

G-Pel intends to deploy microdosing in its upcoming edible cannabis offerings. Items like chocolates or mints where customers don’t look for a large dosage in a small serving. It will allow customers alternatives on how much they plan to consume. The company intends to list doses in a conveniently computed base ten format. For instance, if ten milligrams mark a standard serving, the micro-dose would be 1/10 of a milligram or 1 milligram.

Linton further added that for those of them that are guilty of flooring a half pound basket of M&Ms on time, they may look for the 1/10 of a milligram dosage a serving. They intend to make it simple for the customer to know precisely how much CBD or THC they take into their plan with each serving.

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