Published On: Thu, Aug 18th, 2016

Fortran Corporation (OTC: FRTN) Working on Boosting Revenue Streams Immediately

Fortran Corporation (OTC: FRTN) recently announced they had made three LOIs for acquisition targets with total revenues in excess of $35,000. The company seems to be actively targeting revenue-generating acquisition targets, and is focused on improving cash flows to reinvest into operations. Additionally, the company is working on completing audits for previous periods, and they plan to be more diligent with future ones. This shows that the company’s leadership is attempting to build investor trust and give the company a new breath of life. The company expects that their EBITDA by the end of Q1 (September 2016) will be in excess of $500,000, showing their initiatives are well on their way.

One of the company’s more recent efforts, to acquire Tower Performance, Inc., has already started to improve the company’s balance sheets, and that’s no surprise. Tower Performance has previously seen average gross annual revenues in excess of $13.6 million, with profits of $3.5 million over the past five years. They show a strong track record of success. The company has learned from some of the mistakes they made in previous acquisition moves, and intends to responsibly handle future ones by avoiding stock transactions with principals of the acquisition targets. This will create more investor-friendly deal structures moving forward, and this also shows management’s motivation to promote sustainable growth for shareholders.

The company’s improved balance sheets will allow them to put more offers out on other revenue generating businesses in the upcoming quarters. They have announced their intent to invest in long-term, profitable assets in the telecommunications sector.

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