Published On: Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

Fortran Corporation (OTC: FRTN) Moves Towards Transparency

In the OTC Markets, it is common for investors to fear a lack of transparency in the firms they invest in. Fortran Corporation (OTC: FRTN) investors can count their lucky stars that the company announced its intent to report to the SEC and complete full PCOAB auditing in 2016/2017 earlier this summer. In addition to the security and trust advantage that will come from the added layer of transparency, the company announced that they believe the company is currently undervalued, and bringing the books to light might help lock in some of the currently unreflected value.

The company has three outstanding LOIs for acquisition targets with revenues in excess of $35,000, and they are actively seeking out more communication systems integration and tower service operations opportunities. This will allow the company to expand its current service offerings, as well as enabling them to reach more customers across the country.

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