Published On: Fri, Mar 31st, 2017

EPOXY Inc (OTCMKTS:EPXY) Launches App Version 7.7.0

EPOXY Inc (OTCMKTS:EPXY) reported that version 7.7.0 has been passed by Android and Apple. This version is an advanced version built from the ground up.

The details

Epoxy reported that it’s a new system printed in the latest languages. The trial versions proved to be incredibly helping, allowing the company insight on major features that the app required to integrate to enhance the experience. One of these features is “Live Chat”, a feature that now enables clients to chat directly with their agents eliminating the load on commerce and their staffs.

While this latest version is capable of functioning seamlessly, there is a need to permit users to engage with company immediately without looking for any assistance. It also permits business owners to immediately approach sales personnel so that there are less steps required to sign up.

Now Epoxy provides up to five different varieties of Rewards Cards, enabling a business to further tailor their client’s experience. Membership Cards, Reverse Punch Cards, Punch Cards and more now permits a fully customizable platform for companies. The admin panel is extremely skilled, enabling businesses to view everything in real-time and stay connected to customer base.

Prophonix has achieved an incredible job following the schedule and worked assiduously to get this launched on time, they are expecting corporate builds with the team. Dave Gasparine, the Founder and CEO of Epoxy, reported that it’s for the first time in their history that they have had a platform as well as backend that work so flawlessly and he couldn’t be more thrilled to provide this refined and exceptionally scalable new platform to clients.

Epoxy is the developer of its Epoxy App, an application for Android and iPhone iOS operating systems. It is a unique smartphone application intended to conveniently connect consumers and business owners in order to alleviate marketing frustrations.

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