Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2017

Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTC: ETST) Turns Attention to Global Women’s Health Issues

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Recently, Earth Science Tech announced some exciting news that they had put together an elite Scientific Advisory Board that would steer the company towards its pharmaceutical development goals over the coming year. In a follow up to this news, the company just announced their decision to target women’s health issues such as breast cancer and chemo-prevention in addition to treatments for and protections against the long-term damages of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that affect women in high rates, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea.

The company has identified several key issues that plague women’s health across the globe, namely: access to healthcare and the associated costs. The company is specifically working on developing generic pharmaceutical drugs with canabidiol infusions, which will likely be much less expensive to patients suffering from breast cancer and all of the associated treatment costs. Additionally, the drugs are being developed with CBD in order to help prevent some of the harsh side effects that traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy have been shown to cause.

In the coming months, Dr. Rafei, Dr. Moutih, and Dr. Aube will be leading in vitro and in vivo experiments and research in order to develop a cost effective and potent formulation that can change lives and create a positive health impact for women across the globe.

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