Published On: Mon, Jun 6th, 2016

DNA Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS:DNAX) Receives First Sample Shipment

DNA Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS:DNAX) has announced the receiving of the first sample brands, which are to be tested by a number of company members and industry professionals from outside the company. The announcement was made by CEO, Adrian McKenzie, who also disclosed that a total of 4 out of 8 planned flavors would be tested. This was mainly due to a lack of available resources. The CEO also revealed that discussions were underway, with an industry powerhouse.

Mr. McKenzie refused to speak further about the engagement, stating that he was bound by confidentiality. However, he assured the investors that an announcement would be made in the coming weeks, once the details are finalized. He also reassured the investors that the company would expand to its original 8 flavors, once 4 of the most popular ones start to return some revenue. Mr. McKenzie also stated that he would be on the road, for the next couple of weeks, in order to engage vendors and distributors for the products.

DNA Brands also got its online store up and running, which will only cater to pre-sales. Unfortunately, the store is not for public use, but for the convenience store network, known as mom and pop. Sales are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of the current year. This would be in accordance with a recent shareholder update from the company, in which the company stated that it was considering the requests to bring DNA Energy Drink products back into the market.

DNAX also announced, in the shareholder update, that a meeting of shareholders and creditors would be held, very soon, in order to determine the quickest way to obtain financing for executing the retail plans. This would be followed by the appointment of an advisory board, to monetize the company’s assets. The update also included several corporate updates, since the new management took over the company.

DNA Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS:DNAX) closed the June 3 trading session, at a share price of $0.0001, after experiencing a trade volume of 139.37 million.

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