Published On: Tue, Mar 21st, 2017

CoroWare Inc (OTCMKTS:COWI) Makes The Move To Sign The Letter Of Intent

CoroWare Inc (OTCMKTS:COWI) has over sometime now been working upon the acquisition of a privately held truck shipping logistics company in upstate New York. The plan has now been executed with the company now boasting of having signed the Letter of Intent.

As a matter of fact, this is a progressive move that will help propel the company to the greatest height of business success. The company has over the past few years made a number of positive moves and all of them have contributed a great deal towards boosting the confidence of investors in the company’s stocks. The new move even makes thing much more attractive.

One thing that a lot of people will concur with is the very fact that currently a large number of the Manufacturing and distribution companies are working together with a multitude of shippers and brokers in their operations.

The ease of business is now more than ever visible than it was before considering that such companies can now deliver their wide range of consumer and industrial products to their wide range of customers.

Open Road Shipping is at the moment eyeing privately held shipping and logistics company that delivers industrial products domestically in the U.S and hopes to succeed. The other thing that is worth noting is the fact that the logistics provider has succeeded at developing the proprietary web-based mobile application software which has gone a long way to simplify the selection of brokers as well as optimizes the shipping costs of products domestically in the U.S.

The CEO of Open Road Shipping, Lloyd Spencer has come to the limelight to state that Mobile apps that match truck drivers with shippers simplify the process of shippers finding drivers in a great way.

He is highly optimistic that indeed the mobile app will make it easy for the company to acquire some more transportation companies as well as see to it that the combined company becomes even much more efficient.

The proprietary web-based mobile application software is a remarkable way to help deal with all the challenges that arise from the trucking industry which is at the moment rather fragmented.

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