Fortran Corporation (OTC: FRTN) Moves Towards Transparency

In the OTC Markets, it is common for investors to fear a lack of transparency in the firms they invest in. Fortran Corporation (OTC: FRTN) investors can count their lucky stars that the company announced its intent to report to the SEC and complete full PCOAB auditing in 2016/2017 earlier this summer. In addition to the security and trust advantage More...

by Stephanie Hunter | Published 2 years ago
By Justin Orwell On Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Fortran Corporation (OTC: FRTN) Working on Boosting Revenue Streams Immediately

Fortran Corporation (OTC: FRTN) recently announced they had made three LOIs for acquisition targets with total revenues in excess of $35,000. The company seems to be actively targeting revenue-generating acquisition More...