Published On: Wed, Dec 14th, 2016

Cannasys Inc (OTCMKTS:MJTK) reports Release Of Citizen Toke In Time For Holidays

Cannasys Inc (OTCMKTS:MJTK) a leading branding, technology and marketing firm focused on the legalized cannabis industry reported it plans to release its core offering, Citizen Toke, into the Colorado marketplace in time for Thanksgiving.

Moreover, the firm has engaged Patrick Burke, a graduate of University of Colorado and a Penn State MBA, as its COO. Burke is a strong inclusion to the core team and is directing product launch and product development.

The highlights

Citizen Toke comes in the list of mobile web based platform that talks deals and dispenses coupons to cannabis patients and consumers via a unique text message based mechanism. The system is intended not only to improve consumer’s retail experience but also offer incentive for clients to download and cash coupons in an appropriate manner.

Since completing on the Citizen Toke acquisition from Betakillers, LLC in this August, Cannasys has implemented a recapitalization and had failed to finance the release of its Citizen Toke offering. The firm evolved from recapitalization in October and has since been concentrated on market permeation of Citizen Toke. Cannasys has considerable demand for the product in California and Colorado.

Michael Tew, the CEO of Cannasys, said that they are thrilled to bring Burke on board to administer the release of Citizen Toke in this crucial holiday period. He has the right experience in product development and marketing to help ensure a remarkable launch period for their core product.

Commenting on his new role, Burke stated that he is pleased to become a part of Cannasys, especially in this key holiday season. He looks forward to working meticulously with the firm’s Chief Executive, Michael Tew, and the Betakillers team as they implement their plan to increase user adoption alongside their beta launch associates in Colorado.

Cannasys core products are provided “software as a service” to ease point-of-purchase dealings, consumer relationship marketing offerings, and legalized cannabis lab information management mechanisms. The company intends to develop, acquire, and establish strategic association with other operations in order to release additional offerings to market in established and growing recreational and medical cannabis states.

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