Published On: Sun, Apr 17th, 2016

Bragging, Whining, Lying, Inciting Violence at the GOP Convention? …Come On Man!

As a card carrying member of the “Real GOP”, not the circus that Donny represents, I am repulsed by his repetitive requests for the RNC to change the rules just for him. Come On Man!

You may think you know what you are doing, but you don’t Mr. Drumph. Our party delegates…those that we elect set the rules; not the RNC, and they pick our nominee. These are not new rules. Every state has their own. For a guy who talks about being really really smart…you’re a real dumb ass. Come On Man!

You are what is wrong with America, you reek of greed, you lie, you come across as heartless POS to minorities, women, and Muslims. Hell, you probably don’t like old people or dogs either!

For a guy who can’t carry the majority of the GOP vote (yes, Donny Boy more of us Republicans have voted against you than for you), you sure brag a lot, whine a lot, and offend a lot. In no particular order WILL you please, grow up, shut up and learn the democratic process in which we elect our officials. Come On Man!

My God, you make our so called Ivy league education system look like an epic failure. You’re not fired, Drumph, you won’t ever even get hired!

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