Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2017

Bioelectronics Corp (OTCMKTS:BIEL) ActiPatch Study Issued In The Pain Management Medical Journal

Bioelectronics Corp (OTCMKTS:BIEL) the firm that manufactures ActiPatch® reported that its OTC central sensitization treatment was covered in a Pain Management Medical publication. The article focused on the chronic back pain registry trial of pain relief, medication and its adverse effects. ActiPatch® is effective for reducing chronic back pain and lowering medication use counting opioids. This peer assessed article can be found in the illustrious medical journal of Pain Management.

The buzz

Bioelectronics ActiPatch therapy is a drug-free device that can be worn by the user. It offers over 700 hours of flexible on/off treatment for under $.04 per hour. Chronic pain affects around 1.5 billion people globally, with back pain continuing to remain the most widespread form. The 7-day ActiPatch archive revision of 1,394 back pain sufferers was founded in the UK. Starting point pain was 8.04 on a ten-point visual analog scale with mean pain period of 6.1 years.

High standard pain was existing despite the use of a mean 2.5 pain medications a subject, with 71% being medicines, including 40% expending opiate-based remedy pain medications. Over 60% of the participants confirmed less than adequate pain relief while 66% experienced negative effects from pain treatment.

ActiPatch abridged baseline aching, on average, by 39.9%, with over 50% experiencing a ≥40% pain drop averaging 66% from standard. Furthermore, 50% of the sufferers were able to reduce or remove analgesic medication use comprising those using opiate-based drugs.

Ian Rawe, Ph.D., of Bioelectronics added that in this study group, the application of ActiPatch® not merely reduced aching for the majority of folks but had the supplementary benefit of falling analgesic medication use and refining overall quality of life in only a week. Therefore, they consider these results have key learnings for the future of pain management.

The company has collected info from 12,390 assessments in a two-year period from people who trialed ActiPatch® in the United Kingdom with consistent results.

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  • R Anders

    I have been using Actipatch for years to relieve sore knees and back. Love the fact that it is drug free and side effect free. Last month the FDA confirmed the Actipatch is safe and effective by Clearing it for Over the Counter sales in the US.