Published On: Fri, Nov 22nd, 2013

Attention Publix Shoppers!!!

Recently Publix Super Markets, Inc. (OTCQB: PUSH), had a great sale advertised in their promotional coupon book, on a specific pet treat. It was a BOGO (aka Buy One, Get One FREE) sale! Couponers and shoppers alike love the concept of “free”; though in sales, is anything ever free? Hey buy this television and I will give you a new car, cost of the TV is $52K though.

Shortly after the coupon book was available, the sales flyer in the stores came out; and Publix was running a buy one get one free sale on the same product not coupon required! That means if you have this coupon and the Publix ad at the time of the advertised sale, you could walk in and get two of these products for free! And if you were lucky enough to have any manufacturer’s coupons to offset the already free item…It was like Publix paid you to take product off their shelves. Wow…great concept for a loss leader item for the holiday shoppers, as we all love our pets!

Then comes the Oops! On November 17th, 2013 the manufacturer also put out a coupon for buy one get one free! Now when u get done sorting out a BOGO, on a BOGO, on a BOGO, it literally means you take FOUR boxes of product off the shelves that retails for over $17.00 and Publix pays you over $4.00 for this inconvenience! Oh, and theoretically you could have used additional manufacturer coupons on boxes not associated with the manufacturers BOGO coupon for even more cash back!

No longer is this a loss leader item, it just became a loss, and as Publix Super Markets scrambled to halt the honoring of coupons, and restrict the limits, and halt stocking shelves…Couponers, shoppers and pet owners alike were stocking up to take money out of the till legally from this large grocer. WHY, Because of human error.  Though this is not the first grocer that this has ever happened to, nor the last,

I LOVE Publix the grocery store, but they had a HUGE S.N.A.F.U. last week with their Purina Beneful dog snacks promotion, they were on sale buy one get one free then Publix put out a coupon for buy one get one free, then on top of that, Purina had a manufacture coupon for buy one get one free and USUALLY the Publix policy is one Publix coupon and one manufacturer coupon, yet with this S.N.A.F.U. they will not honor both coupons.

The most interesting aspect about this is…, just how many OTC Market investors knew that Publix Super Markets actually traded on the OTC Markets.   The OTC Market Family does and is partly why the OTC News Network and OTC News Magazine exist; along with the emergence of the OTC Market Channel, to help bring credibility to the OTC investors.   We are more than just nano-caps and micro-caps and we can become even greater if we truly hold each company trading within our marketplace accountable; even a major company like Publix.

I will always continue to shop only at Publix but they dropped the ball on this one! Hey Publix, get your act together, help us help you… but keep those BOGO’s coming!

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