Published On: Wed, Mar 1st, 2017

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Repositions CBD Store

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) has reopened its CBD web storefront which can be seen at The firm will expand the product line to comprise tinctures for people and their eLiquid, mint lozenges, pets and additional sizes of its existing product line.

The buzz

David Gwyther, the Chairman and Acting President of American Green, reported that the grand opening resulted in a tremendous amount of ‘buzz’ and they sold some of products and everything accessible in one category. The products are of the premium quality and this was seen in the flurry of sales and promising feedback. Its extract and manufacturing associates enable them to provide their clients with the best offerings on the market. Expanding their existing product line is a usual reaction to the affirmative sales and feedback they received.

Gwyther added that the competitive and emerging CBD industry has many variations in its products, and having American Green’s premium CBD offerings lumped in with other cannabinoid-based products was not permitting their products to get the attention they consider they deserve. By moving CBD Store to online web store, they can provide a personal experience and product line on own terms; all while following within the scope of existing guidelines, of course. It’s what customers, public and shareholders, at large deserve.

American Green is starting FY2017 with a promise to shape its communication platforms in reply to shareholder feedback and the Board requirement that the firm be as clear as possible while preserving its position and image at the top of the market. Not only will the content and imagery of its main website be edited for significance, it will take on the feel and look that its supporters and over 50,000 shareholders anticipate.

In the last trading session, the stock price of American Green declined over 11% to close the week at $0.00160. The decline came at a share volume of 233.35 million compared to average share volume of 151.74 million.

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