Published On: Fri, Dec 23rd, 2016

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Projects 1Q2017 Revenues

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) reported that with the BlazeNow system and the resulting sales, orders for the AGM, and with its web store reintroducing in the Amazon marketplace, projected sales for the first quarter of the new fiscal must be in its best quarter to date.

The predicted sale of more than 30 American Green Machine units will make up a considerable amount of the quarter’s account and revenue for over than half of its sales until the cultivation facility is entirely operational. The “AGM Machine” expansion into industry other than cannabis has now presented much considerable prospects than were accessible by being impacted into a single sector.

The highlights

With a licensed commercial contractor chosen, a cultivation license in place, and the latest extension to its adjustment accepted by the City of Phoenix, the license for the engineered site-plan is the sole thing remaining to enable the firm to expedite the facility’s closure. Much of the construction has by now been completed off-site and will be transmitted in the next month.

American Green’s new association with BlazeNow, the MJ dispensary locator for iPhone and Android users, is off to a remarkable start. The firm assignments signing up over than 145 dispensaries intending to buy listings beginning in Michigan, Maine, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts and Rhode Island next quarter. David Gwyther, the acting Chairman and President, said that their venture with BlazeNow is just weeks old and they are already witnessing a considerable amount of enthusiasm from their potential new dispensary customers.

As reported last week, American Green store will be commencing this week showcasing its proprietary line of cannabidiol offerings comprising Infused Balm, Tincture developed mainly for humans, and blueberry, tuna treats or peanut butter, for cats and dogs. The firm is working on processes of making web buyers aware of their fantastic CDB products and consider sales will begin almost instantly and increase from there.

Gwyther said that the previous year’s labor is paying off. For many a variety of reasons comprising the termination of preceding management, the firm is now re-focused on sales and acceptable margins.

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