Published On: Tue, Feb 21st, 2017

Alkame Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ALKM) Closes 3(a) (10) Financial Obligation

Alkame Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ALKM) a publicly traded wellness and health technology holding firm with a focus on innovative, eco-friendly and patentable products reported that EROP Capital, LLC has closed its 3(a) (10) procedure, resolving many of company’s financial obligations.

The details

In November 2014, Alkame Holdings finalized a Stipulation and Settlement deal with EROP Capital, LLC, for the closure of certain past-due debts and accounts payable of the firm totaling around $796,451. EROP had bought these accounts payable and obligations from certain vendors and creditors of the firm, and in January 2015, the Broward County Court, entered an order accepting, among other factors, the objectivity of the terms and conditions of a transaction pursuant to Section 3(a)(10), as amended, in accordance with the agreement.

EROP was allowed to convert the debt into Alkame’s common shares, and under stringent guidelines, to offer the shares until the time they had recovered the amount of around $796,451 in past-due accounts payable and obligations of Alkame. The EROP Order offered for the final and full settlement of the EROP Action and the EROP Claim. With completion of the payments and conversion under the deal, the case between Alkame and EROP will now be closed.

Robert Eakle, the CEO of Alkame Holding, said that this development marks a key milestone for company, and also finalized their control of the IP. They are a publicly traded wellness and health technology holding firm, with increased focus on innovative, eco-friendly and patentable consumer products.

The firm’s wholly-owned subsidiaries distribute and market enhanced waters using an exclusive patented technology and formula to create water with numerous unique properties, allowing an increase to obtainable oxygen content, improved pH levels, and the added advantages of electrolytes.

It is diligently laying a strong foundation via the acquisition and launch of appropriate business assets, and by going after multiple applications to use its IP by placement into numerous emerging business sectors.

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