Published On: Wed, Oct 26th, 2016

Advanced Environmental Petrolm Prdcr Inc (OTCMKTS:AEPP) To Present At The WHOC

Advanced Environmental Petrolm Prdcr Inc (OTCMKTS:AEPP) is going to be the part of the World Heavy Oil Congress, an event that has been the largest sharing platform for heavy oil experts across the globe. The Congress serves as a standard for how the sector will fare in the upcoming period, highlighting the best in technology, business, and strategy.

Business forums, technical sessions, workshops and roundtables, showcase at World Heavy Oil Congress, along with world-class networking prospects, poster session, global exhibition and a space to showcase leaders of tomorrow. VP’s, engineers, government figures and CEO’s unite to offer the strongest message, that the heavy oil segment is a vital and resurgent strand of the international energy mix.

The highlights

At a key poster meeting during the initial days of the sessions this year, Nigel Bosworth, Advanced Environmental’ s Chief Technology Officer, highlighted GAP-Canada’s new breakthrough technology LC, the environmentally friendly liquid catalyst. The company has the right of first denial to apply this know-how.

Attendees were surprised by the ability of the know-how to recuperate heavy oil without pressure or heat and lower operating costs and capital radically. The presentation at WHOC has led in a myriad of conferences and growth proposals with the company, which showcase the Liquid Catalyst’s skill to lower expenses in current projects.

Advanced Environmental, through the technology association with PointSource Processing, has advanced the most developed environmental procedure for extracting gas and oil resources with negligible damage to the environment. The procedure enables to reestablish the platform as they advance to leave minimal to nil scarring. The processed regions are transformed into engineered farm property for the local communities.

Additionally, the company has an alternative to commence exploring more than 3 million acres of its Peruvian Resources. The know-how they are advancing combined with the prospect of a considerable oil reserve, is lead of one of the largest exploration assignments in South America. In the month of July, the company reported that it has agreed to the terms with the creditors resulting in the firm being debt free.

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