Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2017

A Few Thoughts on the First 7 days of a Trump Presidency (Young Bernie Supporter’s Perspective)

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Just from the start of day one Trump, to me, was showing signs of being a rather inappropriate pick as the President of these United States. Being unable to handle any criticism about the crowds at his inauguration compared to the Women’s March on Washington, he and his team claimed that despite picture and video evidence to the contrary, his crowds were the biggest of any President in history, and that the media was lying to “lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration”. This later leading into his teams response of the use of ‘alternative facts’, as they put it (or lies as the rest of us call them), to defend their claims. On top of everything else, Trump then complained about the ‘misleading media’ in a meeting with US intelligence.

Later on his first day, he signed a rather vaguely worded executive action in the way of attempting to work towards the Republican goal of repealing/replacing the Affordable Care Act. A notion I can not entirely condemn, so long as what they do will cover those who will lose coverage after it is repealed, and so long as it protects citizens from predatory insurance companies, and still makes it so that they can not deny people on the basis of pre-existing conditions.

The rest of the week was a jumble of things that were so hard to keep constant track of, and hard to tell if it was all a bad joke. In regards to the one of the things I disagreed with Burnie on, the TPP, Trump formally pulled us from that trade plan. He made the plans to build the overly expensive and pointless Mexico Border Wall official, while also heavily wounding our relations with Mexico by continuing to live with his fantasy of them paying for it even though they have no obligation nor desire to.

Trump also called for the reduction of sanctions placed on Russia, and for the expedition of the Access Pipeline construction in North Dakota, which many locals and native americans have been protesting with the fears the pipeline may leak contaminating drinking water and destroying historical and culturally important sites.

All in all, that first week of his presidency has me concerned, for not just the future of this country but the future of its citizens. I now wake up every morning fearing for the basic civil liberties we take for granted. Our freedom of speech, our right to assemble peaceably, our right to due process under the court of law, the basic fact that all people no matter race, religion, income, sexuality, gender identity, or creed are all equal citizens under our flag… these are all things I fear for under this new PoTUS. Things that will make me restless when I lay my head to sleep at night. I hope that I am wrong, and that despite this concerning first week and a few days we will see a more status quo or progress in terms of civil and environmental rights of all citizens but only time will tell.

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